1978 P200E Vespa


Purchased in 2003 from in Germany.  We bought two P 200E and had them shipped to Arizona which took two months. The Scooter is Maroon but upon closer inspection it was originally blue. It Runs good but jumps in 3rd gear.

After getting our Vespa's home we began the uncrating...

Uncrating and arrival in AZ.

Not thrilled with maroon color it's time to fix that.

The painting process and the paint booth:

The color was matched from the new Yellow Hummer H2. The only good thing from the Hummer was it's color.

All complete:

New Speedo from Speedo King.

Modifications and Improvements:

Engine Rebuilt by Jeb at Venom Scooters
Sava Kran Whitewalls
Chrome Rims
Sito Plus Exhaust
Speedo by Speedo King

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