Ancestors of Gary Lee FOSTER
Foster, Elliott, Thornton, Haggard, Gale & Kartchner families
in America for nearly 400 years

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Gary Foster
Photo taken in year 2008

Who to Contact for More Information
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Gary Lee Foster
1037 E. Greentree Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284

Home (480) 838-3845
Work (480) 777-0411

Photo taken in 2005 with Janet on our 40th Wedding Anniversary

  Documented Descendants of
Richard & Susannah Foster
as of 22 January 2009
(385 pages)

  10 Generations of my Ancestors
with 5 generations of their descendants...

Pedigree Charts & Family Group Sheets with notes and Sources


Elsie Gale Foster Personal Journal (my mother)

Alton Scott Foster autobiography (my father)

Gary Foster missionary journal 1961-1963

  Here is my entire Genealogy File as of 21 May 2005 of 23,721 related persons.  It includes all "proven" and "not yet proven" relatives.  It includes all of my research notes and contains the "clues" for many more research trips. 

I provide it here as a "help" to anyone who may benefit from it and perhaps you will be able to help me better connect our very large FOSTER family.

Because of the size of this file I have provided it in GEDCOM format only.  Click here to DOWNLOAD.  Let me know if this helps you.

Our Immigrant Ancestor
by Dr. B. G. Foster


Dr. Foster is one of the pre-eminent researchers for Southern Foster Roots in the genealogical community today.  This document contains the text of his research as to the identity of our immigrant ancestor including source notes.

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