St. James Church in Stalmine
Stalmine, Lancaster, England
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14 March 2003
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James Ronson attended this church before immigrating to Canada. Text Box: 5 children christened in this Church
Cicily Ronson (1808)
John Ronson (1809)
James Ronson (1812)
George Ronson (1814)
Elizabeth Ronson (1816)

Text Box: James Ronson (1783)
married (1807)
Jennette Smith (1784)
Ronson headstone mounted into wall.  Graves now have grass, flowers & trees covering the graves.
John Ronson & 5 others died in a boat accident.

See Boat Accident on June 19, 1818
in which James's father John died.

Here is where John Ronson drowned in a boating accident. Location of boating accident.

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