Saint John the Baptist Old Church Pilling
Pilling, Lancaster, England
14 March 2003
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Donna & Janet preaching... In the 1800's a woman could not preach from the pulpit.
John Ronson may be buried here.
The Galley was paid for by having the community members bid on a box for their family to worship from. This church had a big wood stove in the middle of the pews on the lower floor
I've got to build one of these.... Text Box: This useful gate was known as a "kissing gate" because it allowed two people to enter, stand close together and swing the gate to open or close.
Text Box: This gallery family pew was purchased by John Ronson for 16 pounds in 1814.
Guides to the old churchs... he had the keys to open them and was the local historian for Pilling, England.

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