Let Alton S. Foster of Mesa & St. Johns, Arizona
Hand Craft an Heirloom Rocking Horse for your Family.

This horse is designed for ages 2 to 100. It measures about 48" long on the rockers and the saddle height is about 24". It is made of selected red oak hardwood. It is assembled in my workshop with brass screws and glue. All screws are covered with little oak plugs. The final finish is tongue oil and drift wood stain giving it a natural oak color. The mane and tail are shredded with a steel wire brush using macramé yarn in a light tan color. The eyes are dark black with an outer rim of brown color. This horse is very attractive! It appeals to everyone who ever looks at it and especially to a child or grandchild. Please note the steps under the horse to assist a child in mounting and riding. Every safety precaution has been taken to protect the rider (note the wooden piece under the back rocker to keep the horse from rocking clear over from ambitious riders! The legs are beveled out to keep the horse from rolling over sideways. This horse will last forever in your families and be passed on to each generation, I promise! Each horse is created by a loving craftsman.

Each horse is furnished with a custom brass name plate. For example:

or for an individual child's name.

You may order your horse by sending an e-mail to Alton S. Foster and requesting me to begin creating it today. Please include your name, shipping address and phone number. Ask any questions you might have and when you would like delivery. This will be the most beautiful rocking horse you have ever seen!

You may own your own rocking horse for $ 395 plus shipping, sales taxes where applicable and handling to any address in the World. Order today! Send me an e-mail for the shipping charges to your address.

You may also correspond with me by mail:
Alton S. Foster
1037 E Greentree Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284

Cell Phone: (480) 818-0876

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