Elsie at Arizona Temple in Mesa in 1941

Alton & Elsie Foster family


Scanned photo's from
Elsie's photo album


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1940 just before marriage to Alton Scott Foster

Elsie in 1938 after graduation from Mesa High School

Elsie with her 6 month old Gary 1941

Technical Sargent Alton Scott Foster in his office at Los Alamos, New Mexico as Fire Safety Engineer

Gary experiencing his first snow

Alton and boys (Rick age 2 and Gary age 5)

Rick age 2 (probably in New Mexico somewhere)

Gary in Balboa Park in San Diego, California or possibly in New Mexico somewhere

Alton and Elsie Foster's first home on E. Lafaette Street (near 16th Street and Thomas) in Phoenix, Arizona

Gary and his puppy "Hucky"

Dad was a member of the Phoenix Model Airplane Club

This model airplane flew many miles away from Phoenix and was returned by a farmer

Boy was it fun to build and fly your own plane

Rick, Alton and Gary on a mountain top near Los Alamos, New Mexico Air Force Base

Elsie in 1957

Maxine, Ilene and Alton in the 1970's at Ilenes home in San Diego, California

Alton's father Hugh Ernest Foster and his well trained dog

Alton and Elsie in the 1970's

Look out world! Here comes Sheri Lynn Foster

Sheri as a teenager

Steven Ray Foster in his 30's

Alton as a bishopric member of the Tempe 11th Ward

Apple Orchard and Home in Strawberry, Arizona

Orchard to the West

Orchard to the East

Apple Orchard in Strawberry, Arizona in November 2001. Lance took this photo 17 years after Alton sold the orchard

Mature apple trees

Beautiful Orchard many years later

Maria and Steve when they were married

Brent Foster.... When you have to go... just do it!

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