Alton Scott Foster Gravesite & Military Taps

Alton Scott Foster
History of Taps

Out of Respect for Alton Scott Foster...

who served during World War II
in the United States Army at the
military base at Los Alamos, New Mexico
 during the last three years of the conflict
you are invited to play "Taps" for him and his generation
who brought freedom to our world and our family.

It took sacrifice of ones self and family to serve in the military

for those who survived and the ultimate sacrifice for those
who gave their lives that we would live in a world of opportunities. 
The use of their gift is our free agency.  The cost of the gift has been

"Paid in Full"...

Play sound Click to Play USAF Heritage of America Band with two trumpets

Play sound Click to
Play the familiar bugler sound

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Alton Scott Foster - Military Taps