Gale Marriages & my own by Elsie Gale
From her Personal History written July 11, 1978 

Clyde moved into town and fell in love with a young girl, married her and lived behind the garage where he worked.  Her name was Eula Mae Mac Afee.  That was his second marriage.  Then Jim, fell in love with a Prescott girl, Bobby Echols and they married.  Rolly helped fix up that little place and soon after he fell in love with Olive Taylor and they were married.  So it was Mother, Melva, Vic and I left to finish High School.  Melva was going with Robert Nelson from Lehi for 5 years and they married next.

In my Junior year my appendix swelled up ready to burst and I was rushed to the hospital to have it removed.  I lost 6 weeks of school and had to study hard to graduate.  Because I was held back in grade school I was older than my classmates.  But I made it anyway and Victor and I graduated together and worked part time in the Mesa Theatre called "The Niles" at that time.

That was 1938 and Victor went on to Lamson Business School and the following year I met a Phoenix boy.  His name was Alton Scott Foster.  He was my girl friends boy friend and we would double date with Al's boy fiend.  One night they came to the theater to pick me up after work and Al slips a note over Sarah's head asking me for a date.  I shook my head NO but he wouldn't accept that & came out to the house.  I went out with him and was real impressed with the way he treated me.  Like a lady... One date led to another and the first thing you know we were in love.  My mother liked him but wished he was LDS (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  I told her that I was in love and we were planning marriage and I knew that some day he would join the Church.  She felt bad that I didn't convert him first but we were anxious to marry quickly so we could go to Northern Arizona on a honeymoon.

He was a salesman for Lucky Strike Tobacco Company at that time and we could be up there in the Northern part of the State if we left then.  Since we couldn't afford a church wedding either we decided to stop off in Wickenburg, Arizona and marry there and be on our way.  

We lived 3 months in Prescott, Arizona and had my mother up to visit us.  We soon grew tired of that job and decided to return to Phoenix.  We lived with Al's mother in Phoenix while trying to find a house.  There I became pregnant.  How excited we all were.  We found a new frame house on Camelback Road and Alton got a job cutting meat for Safeway, just 1/4 mile from where we lived.  He could walk home for lunch.Meat Cutter for Safeway

Gary didn't do too well with my pregnancy as I developed kidney trouble.  I spent most of my time flat on my back on a heating pad.  The doctor put me on a diet and I lost weight instead of gaining.  Our son came three weeks ahead of schedule very small, weighing 5 pounds 13 ounces, but he was strong.  He was thin and I had a time finding the right milk for him as I didn't have any.  He was a sweet boy and we were so proud to have a son.  We named him Gary Lee Foster.  He arrived June 18, 1941.  

We were then transferred to a Safeway Store in Casa Grande, Arizona so we rented a house there.  I met a nice woman that was LDS and she wanted to start a Sunday School in her home since there wasn't any ward or branch there at that time.  Since the missionaries were laboring in that part of the vineyard, they helped her and with what few LDS we could gather together we held Sunday School and Brother Kindred Harvey blessed our Gary.  Alton was not interested in the Church, but would let me go and take Gary.  Gary was 6 months old and the planes from Williams Air Force Base would fly over low and frighten him.  We wanted to return to Phoenix.

We bought our first home at 28th Street and La Fayette Road in Phoenix.  Alton joined the Fire Department clear out in Williams Field.  He worked 24 hour shifts.  We enjoyed our home and Gary grew and played with the kids in the neighborhood.  Beverly (Al's sister Maxine's daughter) came out and had fun too.

Editor's note:  The next part of Elsie's story is the copy of her handwriting at the top of this page) 

Now Gary was three and there was news of another little Foster's arrival.  The Lord blessed us with another boy, a playmate for Gary.  He arrived 3 weeks early, but this time I had a specialist and was in good health.  He was born August 2, 1944.  He weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces.  We named him Richard Alton.  He was so cute and has fat cheeks.  One nurse nick-named him "Porky".  He had sandy hair that looked like it might turn red, brown eyes and pinky skin.  You never saw two brothers that looked more unlike than these two.  Gary was so blonde and blue eyed that my brother Victor called them "Whitey & Red".  These two boys could think of more things to do, they really kept me busy chasing them.  But they had allot of fun.  

Just before Gary was to go to 1st Grade at Creighton School he took whooping cough and of course Ricky took it from him.  You never saw or heard such sick kids.  Every time they would start to eat they would start whooping and had to run to the bathroom and throw up.  That went on for six weeks.  Gary missed that much of the 1st Grade and didn't do so good.  The teacher advised me to have him repeat 1st Grade.  He did good the next year and this time he led the class.

During this time Alton got so tired of going back and forth to WAFB (Williams Air Force Base) we decided to lease our home and move out to the base.  I had Ricky blessed by Walter Johnson in their Mesa Ward.  

At this time men are going to training as the Japs were stirring up trouble and the married men with 2 children were being called.  Alton was drafted and my mother had taken so sick she had to sell out her little place and move into town.  There she was able to rent a room from her sister Zina, near the Temple.

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