Personal History
of Elsie Gale

Mom had a beautiful handwriting style which is shown here at the beginning of her Personal History.  Handwritten by Elsie in 1978 just 4 years before she died and later typed for her children, grandchildren and posterity by her son Gary L. Foster

Her journal contained only 6 entry dates where she was able to record her personal feelings before she became too ill to ever finish.

Elsie's Parents & Genealogy
February 13, 1978

Elsie's Birth & Childhood
February 20-21, 1978

Goodyear, AZ
February 23, 1978

Chandler, AZ
June 8, 1978

Gale Marriages
and my own
July 11, 1978

When Elsie's Mother Died
Alton & Kids
July 12, 1978

Our Mountain Homes
1970 to 1982

Her notes of what she wanted to complete is enclosed to show what her intentions were.
Miscellaneous Notes from
Elsie's Personal Journal

Announcing the birth of Richard Alton Foster
Click on Handwriting and use Control + to enlarge to read it.

Editor's note:  Though our Mom didn't get to record all her feelings before illness closed off her physical abilities, she did leave her posterity the following things for us to remember her by.

  1. She was born to a good family where she felt loved.  She had good brothers and sisters to look up too.  She loved her parents and respected their hard work to provide for them even though they were poor.

  2. She loved the Church and the Lord very much.  Her desire was to see her children active in following the Savior.  She wanted to do the right things for her children.

  3. In her last days of suffering from cancer her husband was her full time care giver.  Her sister Melva was at her side to the very end.  She told us that the Savior Jesus Christ came too her in a dream and held her in his arms to comfort her when her pain was too much for her to bear.  She knew her Savior.

Mom recorded what she could.  Now the rest is up to us to honor her by the way we live.

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