Elsie Gale in Goodyear, Arizona
From her Personal History written February 23, 1978

In Goodyear we were a large family and had the opportunity to live in what used to be the hospital there.  A big house with screen porch all the way around.  My father had acreage out in the country, where he planted alfalfa or whatever he needed.  He built a tin shed to keep his tools in.  I loved to ride out there with him and while he went down to change the water, I found an old jump rope and jumped rope and played around while waiting for him.  I brought my little black cat along as I loved kittens and always had one or more.  

About that time a chicken hawk came swooping down to the ground and picked my little kitten "Bessie" right up and flew away with her.  When my father came back, I told him my sad story, but we never saw "Bessie" again.  I know that I got more kittens later.  As I have stated earlier, my father baptized me at eight years of age (1926) in the Chandler Ward.  Before we moved to Chandler I remember the first illness I had in my life because I was too young to remember whooping cough at 6 weeks of age.  Anyway, when I went with my father to the country to irrigate our land, he asked me to unlock the gate so we could drive in.  It was an old barbed wire fence and posts.  While taking the wire off the post and carrying the wire gate back out of the way, my right foot caught on the barbed wire and cut a deep gash on top of my foot.  I didn't pay any attention to it as it bled just a little although it was deep.  I jumped rope on it and since it was rusty the next morning I couldn't step on it.  It was swollen and turned black.  So my father put a box on the foot of my bed, padded it up and propped my foot up on it.  For several days he bathed my foot with hot Epsom salts to try to kill the infection but finally had to take me into Chandler for old Doc Mouer to lance it.  Boy, I was surprised to see the black blood squirt out.  I have a small scar today from that.  The thing I remember the most is the care and faithful service my father gave me at that time.  He even rigged up some old brooms for me to swing around on for crutches.

After we moved from the hospital (our home) we moved into a smaller blue house in Goodyear.  I can still see the Calla Lilies growing on each side of the walk, a bright orange.  We called them cannon lilies.  It was there we had many memories.  I remember when Melva and I had a skate on in the house, carrying dishes from the dining room back to the kitchen, & I fell over the wood box and went out cold.

Also, I loved banana's very much and was chewing on the skin one day when my brother Jess saw me.  He said, "I'm going to make you sick of bananas, take this quarter and go to the country store and get a quarter's worth and come back."  I didn't want too but still I knew I could have some more bananas, so I came home with a big sack full of them.  In those days you could get allot of bananas for a quarter.  When Jess saw the bananas, he grabbed one and proceeded to stuff one down my throat.  I cried and called for mother.  After he left I ate all I wanted and didn't get sick or tired of them.

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