A tribute to "Rocco"
5 August 2008

He came one day to live at Greentree
as a puppy then an adult farm dog to be

His job in Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall

To guard against coyotes, big or small

Protect the chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys,

Sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, rabbits and all

A friend or playmate with or without a ball

Obedient to his master’s call

Doing tricks he gave his very all

Sit, Come, Stay, Shake, Roll Over, Down, Lie Down
& Leave it were his voice commands around town

But love & kindness were his manners, eyes and feelings
he did show to each and everyone in his dealings

Children he loved though his size to some was scary

Big and playful and plenty hairy

He guarded the backyard and Ash tree gate

Except this morning he met his fate

Would bark to sound an early warning

Except on this fateful morning…

When Rocco died

And Gary cried

Even the heavens wept with rain

To ease and comfort Rocco’s pain

Of spoiled food too much he ate

And left this life beside the Ash tree gate

Buried beneath the Ash tree he loved

Always remembered until we are re-united above

Rocco, I love you, I really really do

Soon you’ll meet Duke, Buffy and Kelsey who preceded you

Death or life is where you are and where you’ve been

Experience and friends help you to win

Be a good dog and play with Duke, Buffy and Kelsey until then...